Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions about Your Weaknesses

1. No need to lie

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Conveying one's weakness is not a pleasant thing. Sometimes, you worry or fear that this weakness will actually get you rejected by the company. Conveying your weaknesses is not fun because sometimes we worry or fear if these weaknesses make you rejected by the company. However, the questions raised must be answered honestly. Pick some weaknesses that most people have in common such as fear of the dark, being too kind, forgetful, etc.

2. Choose a weakness that is not related to work
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If you introduce yourself more deeply, you will definitely find many weaknesses. In interviews, we don't have to reveal everything. Mention these three is more than enough to represent the real you. Make sure the three weaknesses have nothing to do with the job or field you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a technician position, then avoid answering like forgetfulness. Because the interviewer may think you are not suitable for the position.

3. Complete with examples

In mentioning weaknesses, it should be accompanied by examples and explanations of how you overcome these weaknesses. As in the wasteful case, you can say that you are wasting your food, nothing else. Thus, the interviewer can judge you can manage finances well.

4. Avoid the interviewer question trap

It is the job of the interviewer to dig up information on candidates or job applicants. Wrong recruiting, can be fatal for the company. No wonder, interviewers often give trick questions after you reveal your weaknesses, the interviewer will usually reply to your answer with another question so that you checkmate.

5. No need to overdo it

If the interviewer asks you to name three weaknesses, just name three, don't overdo it. Therefore, give answers as necessary. Avoid talking at length about your weaknesses. Instead of you wanting the interviewer to know how you worked out that weakness, you're being bombarded with other cornering questions.

6. Think before answering

To respond to questions about your weaknesses, you don't need to answer them right away. You can think for three to five seconds to give the right answer. So no answer. But once you're ready to respond, give a firm answer, while maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. This is to show that you are answering honestly and confidently.

7. Prepare yourself as best you can

Given that job interviews are very important, you should prepare for this before the D day. For example, by practicing answering in front of the mirror or asking a friend for help to do a question and answer practice for a job interview. Study the HRD questions during a job interview and prepare the answers according to you. That way, you are ready to face any questions from the interviewer, including questions about your weaknesses and overcome them because you already have the right answer.

8. Appear with confidence

Self-confidence can save you when answering questions about weaknesses because everyone has weaknesses. So, you don't have to be that afraid to mention your weaknesses. Even though you have weaknesses, there must also be strengths. You can highlight these advantages during a job interview, such as skills, manners, and others. This is what the interviewer will impress you with.

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