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Oct 12 2021 Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions about Your Weaknesses

In conducting interviews with companies sometimes questions arise from interviewers about what are our weaknesses. Adapted from, here are some tips for answering this question.

1. No need to lie
Conveying one's weakness is not a pleasant thing. Sometimes, you worry or fear that this weakness will actually get you rejected by the company. Conveying your weaknesses is not fun because sometimes we worry or fear if these weaknesses make you rejected by the company. However, the questions raised must be answered honestly. Pick some weaknesses that most people have in common such as fear of the dark, being too kind, forgetful, etc.

2. Choose a weakness that is not related to work

If you introduce yourself more deeply, you will definitely find many weaknesses. In interviews, we don't have to reveal everything. Mention these three is more than enough to represent the real you. Make sure the three weaknesses have nothing to do with the job or field you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a technician position, then avoid answering like forgetfulness. Because the interviewer may think you are not suitable for the position.


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